Michael Toomay and the clan-Irish people who came to Northwest Missouri
"Death Claims Michael Toomay"

The life of a pioneer whose name is inseparably linked with the development of Ray,Caldwell,and Carroll counties,ended at 4 a.m. Friday May 1,1914,when Michael Toomay succumbed to a complication of diseases and infirmity of age. He was in his 83rd year,and so rugged had been his constitution that even at that advanced age he made a brave fight against the grim reaper and was able to be about that house until two days before his death occurred.

Although he recognized that his long life was near a close,he was cheerful and uncomplaining and remarked to relatives that not many men were permitted to live so long.

Mr. Toomay came to America from Ireland without funds and by hard work and wise business judgment had amassed a great fortune,being at the time of his death Ray County's wealthiest citizen. Though a rich man,it can be truthfully said of him that every dollar was gotten honestly.

Coming to this locality with his three brothers,Tim,David and Edward, in 1856 he saw the raw prairie become  a region of thickly peopled farms,and the value of  land go from 12 1/2 cents an acre to 100 times that amount.

Funeral services were held at Black Oak Saturday at 11 a.m. and attended by hundreds of people. All the banks in Braymer were closed during the forenoon and the bankers and many other friends from the city were present at the services.

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Michael Toomay's father's tombstone
1880 Grape Grove Census

Household 222
Toomay, Michael W   M   45              Farmer      Born in Ireland 
Martha J.   W   F   41  wf          Keeping House   Mo  Born in Ireland    

Mary A.     W   F   21  dau                         Mo  Ireland    

Margaret E. W   F   16  dau                         Mo  Ireland    

Fanny       W   F   15  dau                         Mo  Ireland    

Michael     W   M   13  son                         Mo  Ireland    

Jane        W   F   11  dau                         Mo  Ireland    

Henry J.    W   M   10  son                         Mo  Ireland    

Dora        W   F    8  dau                         Mo  Ireland    

James       W   M    6  son                         Mo  Ireland    

Eliza J.    W   F    4  dau                         Mo  Ireland    

Front Page News from The Chillicothe Constitution
Friday, June 5, 1914

Gave Away $200,000 at Dinner
Michael Toomay, who died recently near Braymer, Mo, at the age of 83
was one of the many remarkable characters of North Missouri. He was a
and had lived 58 years upon the same land. A stowaway boy in an
ship sailing from County Cork, Ireland, he became very wealthy for a
man who
devoted his efforts absolutely to farm activities. A few months before
died, he invited his eight children to a family dinner at his country
in Ray county. After the frugal meal he gave away property worth a
of a million dollars, this being not by any means all of his wealth.
Four of
his children are old maids who have devoted their lives to the farming
interests of their father.

From The Hall of Names

The Ancient History of the Distinguished Surname

The Irish are famous for their
poets,scholars,playwrights,authors,artists and
statesmen,and evidence of the age of Irish culture is
exemplified by the oldest standing building in the
world,and the many pieces of fine jewelery predating
biblical times.

Researchers have compiled this history of the name
Twomey using books by O'Hart,McLysaght and O'Brien and
Woulfe,baptismals,parish records,and ancient land
grants,and historians have concluded that the family
name Twomey was first found in county Cork where they
had een seated from very ancient times. This ancient
family name was descended from Twaim Snama,an eighth
century King of Osraigi,and were presumably of
Dalcassian origin. They were descended through
Mathghamhain,the brother of Brian Boro. Although this
tribe of Toomey were seated in Cork in the 14th
century,they are believed to be descended from the Dal
Cais to the north.

You name,Twomey,occurred in many references,and from
time to time,the surname was recorded as
these changes in spelling frequently occurred within
the sept. It was not uncommon for a person to be born
with one spelling,married with another,and have yet
another at his wake.

The ancient Kings of Ireland were descended from King
Milesius of Spain,the grandson of Breoghan,(or Brian)
King of Galicia,Andalusia,Murcia,Castile and Portugal.
Milesius sent his uncle northward from Spain with his
one son Lughaidh to explore the western Isles. This
was to fulfill an ancient Druidic prophecy.

On finding that his son has been murdered by the three
resident Irish Kings (the Dananas) in Ireland,Milesius
gathered an army to take his revenge on the Irish. He
died before he embarked on the trip. His succeeding
eight sons conquered Ireland.

The distinguished Irish name emerged in Cork. The
first on official records was Morris O'Thuama who was
perpetual vicar of Dromod,in the diocese of Ardfart,he
had a papal mandate. Cornelius O'Twome sold his
estates in Kinsale in 1478. The Toomeys were to take
an aggressive role in the defence of Kinsale against
the Cromwellian invasion in 1640. Meanwhile they were
merchants,yeoman,and gentlemen of the city of Cork
from about 1653 to 1730,and were prominent in
Barrett's country. In 1659 there were no less than
thirtyone families in the barony of Barrett's. Daniel
and William Toomey were among the Early of Clancarty's
tenants in Macroom in 1702. Probably the most notable
of the family was Sean O'Twomy Ann Ghrinn,born in
Limerick in 1706,part schoolmaster,part innkeeper,at
the tavern at Croom,where it was a meeting placefor
all stray poets and musicians.,a life with little
financial reward moved mostly by Sean's love of poetry
and the Irish language. Notable amongst the family
name at this time was Sean O'Twomey.

During the 12th century,1172 A.D. Dermott
McMurrough,King of Leinster,requested King Henry II of
England for assistance. This was the first intrusion
into Ireland by the Anglo-Normans. Many native Irish
families lost their land and possessions. This
invasion was followed by Cromwell's invasion in
1649,when further loss of land befell the unfortunate
Irish people.

In 1845,the great potato famine caused widespread
poverty. Many Irish joined the armada of sailing ships
which sailed from
Belfast,Dublin,Cork,Holyhead,Liverpool,and Glasgow,
all bound for the New World. Some called thee ships
the White Sails,others,more ealistically called them
the "Coffin Ships" when 25% of the passengers
died of cholera,dysentery,and small pox.

In North America some of the first migrants which
could be considered kinsmen of the sept Twomey of that
same family included Elizabeth,Michael and Jerry
Twomey who settled in Boston,Mass. in 1847; Jeremiah
Twomay settled in Philadelphia in 1856; John and Pat
Twomay arrived in Quebec in 1825,and moved to Lindsay
in Ontario; Joanna Toomay arrived in Boston Mass. in
and William Toomey all arrived in Philadelhia between
1834 and 1870; Frank Tooney arrived in Philadelphia in
1878. In Newfoundland,Arthur Thomey settled in Harbour
Grace in 1771; John Tomey settled in Port de Grave in
1775; John Thomey in St. John's in 1795; Honorah
Twomey in King's Cove Parish in 1838.

Some remained loyal to the Crown during the American
War of Independence and moved north into
Canada,becoming known as the United Empire Loyalists.

Meanwhile,the family name Twomey produced many
prominent people; Ralph Toomey,Department of Education
and Science,England.

The family crest has the words 'Fortis undis et armis'
on it with the picture of a ship and a knights

July 1883 edition of the
Richmond Democrat

From the Carrollton Democrat newspaper (reprinted in the Richmond

"On Monday, Mike Toomey, of Ray Co., who was here on business, had the
misfortune to lose his pocket book containing $85 in currency and a
draft on
the Norborne bank for $900 and a certificate of deposit on the Richmond
for $900. A liberal reward will be paid to the finder of the same by
it at this office."

From the 1889 Ray County Land Atlas, Township 54 N. Range XXVIIW
Ray County, near Tinney Grove, Missouri)
David Toomay owned 603 acres
Edward Toomay owned 383 acres
Michael Toomay owned 930 acres
Plus Heirs of Timothy, Michael, David and Edward

Total Toomay Land Holdings in this Ray County Township and range: 2,814
more in Caldwell County

The above lands are acres still in the name of the original owner in
On this atlas are other Toomays who had already received lands as heirs
their fathers, e.g. Harker Toomay, Catharine Toomay, Nora Toomay, D.T.
Toomay, etc.

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From Ann West ggranddaughter of David Toomay

For Michael Toomay:

Place of Death
County: Ray
Township: Grape Grove     Registration District No. 914       File No 13605

FULL NAME:  Michael Toomay

Sex: Male   Race: White     Status:  Married     Date of Death: May 1, 1914
Date of Birth: About November 29th, 1831
Age: About 82 yrs. 5 mos. 2 ds

(a) Trade, profession, or particular kind of work       Retired Farmer
(b) General nature of industry, business, or establishment in which employed
(or employer)                                           Capilist

Birthplace:     Ireland
Name of Father: John Toomay
Birthplace of Father: Ireland

Maiden Name of Mother: Marguret Toomey
Birthplace of Mother: Ireland

Informant: Miss Fannie Toomay, Braymer, Mo.

Medical Certificate of Death

I hereby certify, that I attended deceased from July 6, 1913 to May 1st,
1914, that I last saw him alive on May 1, 1914, and that death occurred, on
the date stated above, at 4:20 a.m.

The Cause of Death was as follows:
Chronic Interstitial Hepatitis
(atroulic cirrhosis)

Signed Cardinal B. Woolsey, M.D., May 1, 1914 Braymer, Mo.

Pace of Burial or removal Black Oak Cemetery, Date of Burial May 2nd.
Undertaker: E.P. Michael        Braymer, Mo.

For David Toomay

Place of Death:
County: Ray
Township: Grape Grove           Registration District No 914 File No. 7269
                              Primary Registration District No. 6235

FULL NAME:  David Toomay
Sex: Male   Race: White     Status: Widowed
Date of Birth: December 25, 1843            Date of Death: February 21, 1917
Age: 73 years, 1 mos. 26 ds.
(a) Trade profession, or particular kind of work    Farmer
(b) General nature of industry business, etc.       Farming

Birthplace: Ireland

Name of Father: John Toomay
Birthplace of Father: Ireland

Name of Mother: Marguret Toomay
Birthplace of Mother: Ireland

Informant: Mrs. Oscar Cramer, Cowgill, Mo.

Medical Certificate of Death:
I hereby certify, that I attended deceased from February 5, 1917 to Feb.
21st, 1917, that I last saw him alive on Feb. 21st, 1917 and that death
occurred, on the date stated above at 3:20 a.m.

The Cause of death was as follows:
Bronchleo Pneumonia

Contributory (Secondary) Chronic Nephusis

Signed: Cardinal B. Woolsey, M.D., Feb. 21, 1917, Braymer, Mo.

Place of Removal/ Burial:Little Union Cemt'y  Date of Burial: Feb. 22, 1917
Undertaker: E.P. Michael, Braymer, Mo.

For Edward Toomay

Place of Death
County: Caldwell        Registration District No. 93        Fole No. 23582
City: Braymer

FULL NAME: Edward Toomay

Sex: Male   Race: White     Status: Married    Date of Death August 28, 1923
If married wife/husband:  Martha Toomay
Date of Birth: February 5, 1839
Age: 84 yrs. 6 months   23 DAYS
Occupation: Retired
Birthplace: Cork County Ireland
Name of Father: John Toomay
Birthplace of Father: Ireland
Maiden Name of Mother: Not Known
Birthplace of Mother: Ireland

Informant: G.H. Toomay  Braymer, Mo.

Medical Certificate of Death
I hereby certify that I attended deceased from August 20, 1923 to August 28,
1923, that I last saw him alive on August 28,1923 and that death occurred on
the date stated above, at 4:30 p.m.

Cause of Death: Chronic Brights

Contributory: Illeo-Colitis (9 days)

No operation preceded death. No autopsy.

signed Cardinal B. Woolsey
August 21, 1923, Braymer, Mo.

Place of Burial/Cremation or Removal: Braymer Evergreen Cemetery
Date of Burial: August 21, 1923
Undertaker: E.P. Michael, Braymer, Mo.

Jurd (HJ) Toomay and his father Mike Toomay